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~ Celebrating Maui’s Farms & Foods ~
Sustainable Agriculture & Fine Dining

MAUI CULINARY TOURS is a provider of sustainable agricultural tours beginning with farms and ending at the table. Our tours celebrate Maui’s finest food farms and ranches, and locally owned dining establishments. We patronize and encourage our farmers to grow produce that can be consumed locally.

DID YOU KNOW? We have over 800 farms on Maui growing an amazing array of items year round!
DID YOU KNOW? Our restaurant chefs are inspired to create cuisine that uses local and fresh food from right here!
DID YOU KNOW? Imported produce travels 2400 miles across the ocean – locally grown is within 25 miles of your meal!

MAUI CULINARY TOURS offers a selection of tours so you can experience for yourself the farm and food connection. Let us show you the fresh Maui you want to taste! Call or book a tour today! 808.283.5924

We look forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy the place and foods we love!

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